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abstract class Model


Member Variables

Name Description
Ξ:Array<Array<Delay>> Distribution and Random objects for move, by step.
Φ:Array<Array<Expression<Real>>> Factors for move, by step.
π:Expression<Real>? Factors for move, by step.

Member Functions

Name Description
simulate Start execution.
simulate Step execution.
read Read at start.
read Read for step t.
write Write at start.
write Write for step t.

Member Function Details


override function read(buffer:Buffer)

Read at start.

override function read(t:Integer, buffer:Buffer)

Read for step t.


function simulate()

Start execution.

function simulate(t:Integer)

Step execution.

  • t The step number, beginning at 1.


override function write(buffer:Buffer)

Write at start.

override function write(t:Integer, buffer:Buffer)

Write for step t.